Large-scale testing

Symmetric Computing in Boston ( have very kindly offered some time on their demonstration Trio machines.  Symmetric sell shared-memory supers, and from what I hear they're good for HPC other than the bioinformatics you see on their website.  I know others have run things like large finite-element models on their machines with good results.  I'll be running the pipeline network models writ large, with millions of cells and hoping to break the 100 - 200 … [Read more...]

HPC and Value

I'm miles behind on site admin, mainly because of actual software work.  I've got presentations lined up for late November and all the demo cases don't quite work yet.  But there's been a few interesting things on InsideHPC in the last month or so that I've been meaning to comment on. Here's the first one: This is dead on the money.  Most of HPC does have a relatively high cost and low access.  In some … [Read more...]

Technical Computing and Industry

While doing some site admin I realised I had left this private.  It's captured in the downloads section anyway as part of a larger doc ( but I thought I'd release it into the wild. In May 2008 the US Council on Competitiveness and IDC published a study on technical computing and HPC (  About 30 companies were surveyed about their use of technical computing.  … [Read more...]

Why are we here?

Just over thirty years ago, the hardware revolution began when Intel commercialised the 8086.  Just under thirty years ago the software revolution began with MS-DOS.  Twenty years ago, Windows 3.0 changed everything.  Whether you love or hate Microsoft, they gave us the foundation of today's marketplace.  For twenty years, software has been in the driver's seat.  Software requirements, particularly gaming, drove faster clock rates and better graphics and the exploding market paid for it all.  … [Read more...]