What we do

Evolving simulation from “What if?” to “Can I?”

A simulation platform and solver with proven scale-up and parallelism to tens of millions of equations.

Simulation software has not kept up with the advancements in HPC hardware and processing capabilities – until now.  Corelium’s parallel simulation platform exploits the parallelism of multicore CPUs and the impending growth of shared-memory supercomputing.

Corelium was formed to deliver a high-performance, multi-and many-core-capable simulation platform.  Corelium’s goal is to allow domain experts to focus on model development and deployment instead of simulation architecture, by supplying ready-made componentised HPC.  The majority of simulation software companies are comfortable using prebuilt linear solvers and standard low-level math libraries.  We’re aiming to move that standardisation up a few levels to the hosting and solution of large nonlinear problems that need HPC to solve in a productive amount of time.  Our platform in your simulation.  Our hardware emphasis is on shared-memory computing, to scale from the laptop to workstation to supercomputer.  The shared-memory paradigm will be how HPC becomes ubiquitous because of the software migration path it offers and the potential for lower cost implementation.

Corelium’s platform includes parallel solvers, a modelling system, serialisation and plug-in capabilities.  It uses OpenMP, MPI and Intel Threaded Building Blocks for parallelism and runs natively on Windows, Linux and OSX in 32 or 64-bit.  The platform is domain-agnostic and not focused on a particular industry or problem type.  The platform automatically parallelises model configuration, evaluation and solution with minimal work from the model developer and has been specifically designed to support migration and integration of legacy code and models.