Who we are

Corelium exists because we believe parallelism for performance is the holy grail of simulation.  Multicore is a monumental step forward and is the vertical integrator for supercomputing.  Twenty years of HPC has proven time and time again that parallelism pays off.  Multicore is how the supercomputer will land on the desktop and the time is now for parallelism to be everywhere.

Western economies are struggling to maintain their foothold in a globalized world. Daniel Pink characterizes the new challenge as abundance, Asia and automation.  All of which chip away at the bedrock of Western economies due to cheap manufacturing, cheaper white collar labour, lower environmental standards and the like.

Combining creativity with technology can create a competitive edge.  Better, faster design and operation are competitive advantages that can be realised through better, faster modelling and simulation. Engineers need to get more done in less time.  Software that exploits this latest hardware revolution is a cornerstone of that competitive advantage.

For twenty years, Corelium has been fortunate enough to specialise in the design and architecture of numerical simulation platforms.  We have also worked with teams that have delivered market-leading software and capabilities.  It’s what we do, and our current Corelium framework is the best software we’ve ever designed.