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Corelium’s simulation platform and solvers are domain-independent and scale to millions of variables.  We are experts with many years of experience in developing advanced numerical models and simulation software for the world’s leading simulation companies.  Our platform is specifically designed to support migration of legacy code and models: we can make your existing technology faster, scalable and relevant.  Your experts can focus on their domain expertise by using Corelium as a foundation.  Applications of our technology include multiphase fluid flow simulation, process modelling and optimisation, optimal control, aeronautics, ballistics, supply chain and traffic simulation and structural analysis.

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Case Study – Oil & Gas Pipeline Simulation

In response to interest from industry, Corelium has developed a steady-state and transient pipeline network solver, based on the Two-Fluid Model and our parallel modelling platform and solvers.  It can solve pipelines and networks with hundreds of thousands of cells.  A project description is here.


Corelium is seeking partners and clients that could benefit from our services in the following areas:

Oil & Gas Production

Process Industries


Water Utilities

Supply Chain